Steel tip accessories

Steel Tip Accessories

Shot! Darts Flight Hole Punch Accessory Tool (Steel and Soft Tip Darts)
  • Cuts a 5mm width slot in the base of dart flights
  • Eliminates irritating flight “pop-offs”
  • Essential item for any darts set up
  • Provides a secure fit between the shaft and flight
  • Used with aluminium rings available separately
Viper Dart Accessory: Flight Hole Punch Tool (Steel and Soft Tip Darts)
  • Made from heavy-duty steel and resin
  • Punches a perfect slot into dart flights to accept a stem ring to hold flights secure
  • Prevents flights from popping off
  • Compact and easy to use
LSTYLE Dart Flight Punch: Shell Lock Punch for Foldable and Paper Dart Flights
  • QUALITY MADE: Manufactured in Japan, to be used to punch a molded hole into traditional paper and foldable flights to be able to insert a Shell Lock Ring so that the flight stays open and tight to the shaft.
  • PROTECTS: Using the Shell Lock Rings will protect the flight and shaft system which allows for a much longer life-span than other brands.
  • INCLUDES: Includes one set of 6 red Shell Lock Rings. 5 colors of the Shell Long Ring are also available sold separately.
  • INNOVATIVE: By using the Shell Lock Punch to puncture any foldable flight, the shell lock ring ensures a strong hold onto the shaft, while protecting the shaft from oncoming darts ("robin-hood").
  • Made to fit ONLY Shell Lock Rings, not Champagne Rings.
ToBeIT Flight Hole Punch Tool and 5 Sets Dart Flights and Dart shafts Rings
  • -Flight hole punch tool made from heavy-duty steel and resin,punches a perfect slot into dart flights to accept a stem ring to hold flights secure. compact and easy to use.
  • -5 sets dart flights(15pcs),Durable polyester and standard size.Perfect way to update your steel tip darts and soft tip darts provide you with options to customize your equipment to fit your mood or the game.
  • -20 pcs stailess steel dart O-Rings. fit any nylon stems and help prevent your flights falling out or your stems splitting.
  • -Package Included:1pcs Flight hole punch tool+5 sets dart flights(15pcs)+ 20 pcs dart shaft rings.
  • Your satisfaction is our priority. If you are not completely satisfied, after receiving your dart Accessories , pls write to us.we will help you to solve it.
JUSTDOLIFE Dart Flight Punch Flight Hole Punch Tool Hole Puncher Hand Punch with 50 O Rings
  • Design: The hole punch features groove design and automatic positioning
  • Material: Made of quality metal material, durable and reusable
  • Portable: Lightweight hole puncher is easy to carry and convenient to store, saving space
  • Usage: The hole puncher can be used to punch rectangular hole on dart wing so as to facilitate the insertion of the protection ring on the dart pole, reducing the loss of wing
  • Dimensions: L*W*H: 6.5*2.8*6cm(2.56*1.10*2.36in)
LSTYLE Dynasty Portable Flight Punch 'Puti Punch' for Shaft Grip Rings - White
  • Punctures hole into paper or foldable flights, allowing the use of shaft-grip rings on any flight. Shaft grip rings come on all Laro Dart Shafts. Rings can also be purchased separately called L-rings.
  • The opening is made wider to allow for thicker flights.
  • The header is made stronger for an improved durability.
  • Size:40mm x 5mm x 2mm
  • Fits all Standard 2BA Threaded Dart Barrels
Viper Dart Accessory: Flight Hole Punch Tool with Assorted Poly Pro Flights (Steel and Soft Tip Darts)
  • Two sets of slim flights and two sets of standard flights; one set of flight deflectors
  • Three sets of nylon shafts
  • Included flight punch punches the perfect slot into dart flights
  • Two sets of stem rings keeps the top of nylon shafts tight
  • Shaft remover dart tool easily removes the shaft from the dart
Unicorn Darts Flight Punch, Red/Blue, Standard
  • Simply align the tip of your flight into the Unicorn flight punch using the Locator
  • Punch the hole by Depressing the Unicorn flight punch
  • Remove flight from flight punch
  • Whilst the flight is flat, insert the 'shaft ring' Or 'aluminium ring' In the slot created and open out the flight as you would do normally ready to insert into the dart shaft
  • Insert your flight tip into the shaft, as usual, allowing the ring to pass over the shaft as you insert the flight into the shaft