Dart Directory

The following directory comprises a useful compilation of selected websites that focus on everything related to darts. These websites are carefully curated to provide visitors with the best online resources for darts enthusiasts.

  1. Professional Darts Corporation (PDC): The official website of the Professional Darts Corporation featuring the latest news, tournament information, player profiles, and rules of the game.
  2. Darts World Magazine: Online magazine with updates, articles, and feature stories about darts around the world.
  3. UK Darts: A website with in-depth information about UK dart tournaments, news and more.
  4. Darts Nutz: An active darts community where enthusiasts can connect, discuss, and trade tips about the game.
  5. Cyber Darts: Contains a ‘Dart Bar’ locator, tournament information, and other resources for dart players.
  6. Darts501: Gives an overview of the game, its rules, and a directory of darts organizations around the world.
  7. BDO Darts: The British Darts Organisation’s official site covers all the latest news, events, and rankings in the world of British darts.
  8. Reddit Darts: An active online community where darts enthusiasts gather to discuss all things related to darts.
  9. Darts Performance Centre: Offers performance coaching for dart players, plus various resources like blog posts and training exercises.