Why Do Darts Players Go For 19?

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Darts players go for 19 because it is a strategic move. In a game of darts, the aim is always to maximize your points, and the number 19 is considered a “high value” section on the dart board. The nature of the dart board means that numbers 20, 19, and 18 are grouped closely together. If a player is aiming for the 20 and misses slightly, they have a good chance of hitting the 19. This makes playing it safe and aiming for this area a good strategy, especially in a professional dart game where consistent scores are critical. Therefore, going for the 19 zone is a common tactic adopted to maximize Scoring.

Related Questions

1. What are some other winning strategies in darts?

Stable, consistent throws are key in darts. Setting up a comfortable stance and mastering a consistent throw can greatly improve the game. Players should also practice aiming for the bulls-eye and the triple 20, as they give the highest points.

2. Why are some numbers clustered together on a dart board?

Numbers are organized to penalize inconsistent play and reward skill. High scoring sections are sandwiched between low scoring areas to add an element of risk and challenge in the game.

3. What skills are essential for professional dart players?

Accuracy, consistency, focus, and strategic thinking are some of the vital skills needed. Each throw counts in a dart game, making these skills essential to win.

4. Do dart players have to count the score themselves?

Typically, in a professional game a scorekeeper is present. However, players generally keep a running tally in their head, especially since strategic decisions often depend on the current state of scores.

5. How do you practice aiming in darts?

Aiming requires practice. Start by standing at the right spot, aligning your dominant eye with the target, and keeping your focus on the exact spot you want to hit. The key is to make sure your movements are consistent and smooth for each throw.