Electronic dartboards

Electronic Dartboards: The High-Tech Upgrade

Electronic dartboards are the go-to for many dart lovers because they offer an exceptional gaming experience.

These dartboards come with automated scorekeeping, which takes out all the guesswork and lets you focus purely on the game.

Plus, they’re safer than traditional dartboards – instead of sharp tips, the darts have soft, rounded ends.

This makes them great for families and for those just getting started with the game.

Electronic Dartboards vs Traditional Dartboards

Electronic dartboards are not here to replace traditional bristle dartboards but to provide a different, more modern experience.

You still get the joy of aiming and throwing darts but with a dash of technology.

And you can even find some models that have multi-player options and games built in, which can bring your weekend hangouts to a whole new level of fun!

Playing Games on Electronic Dartboards

The games you can play on an electronic dartboard extend beyond the traditional ones.

There are options for Cricket, Round the Clock, and even some new ones like Tic-Tac-Toe Darts.

You’ll never get bored with an electronic dartboard at your disposal.


All in all, electronic dartboards offer a great blend of traditional dart-throwing fun with the convenience of modern technology.

They’re easy to use, safe for all ages, and add an exciting dimension to your game nights.

Related Questions

1. Why are electronic dartboards considered safer than traditional ones?

Electronic dartboards are considered safer because they use darts with soft, rounded tips instead of sharp ones. This makes them suitable for all ages, including children and beginners.

2. What are some top brands of electronic dartboards?

Some top brands of electronic dartboards include Arachnid, Viper, and Gran Board. Models like the Arachnid Cricket Pro 800, Viper 800 Electronic Dartboard, and Gran Board 3 LED Bluetooth Dartboard are highly recommended.

3. Can you play traditional dart games on electronic dartboards?

Absolutely! Electronic dartboards can be used to play traditional dart games like Cricket and Round the Clock. Plus, they often come with extra games built in, such as Tic-Tac-Toe Darts.

4. How do electronic dartboards keep score?

Electronic dartboards come with automated scorekeeping. When a dart hits a certain section of the board, sensors in the board detect it and automatically calculate and display the score on an LED or LCD display.

5. Are electronic dartboards only for casual play or can they be used for tournaments as well?

While electronic dartboards are great for casual play, several models are also suitable for tournament play. They offer features like tournament-quality thermoplastic segments and interactive displays that meet professional standards.

Best Electronic Dartboards

Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard with Micro-Thin Segment Dividers for Reduced Bounce-Outs and NylonTough Segments for Improved Durability - Available with Optional Wood Dartboard Cabinet
  • Tournament quality electronic dartboard regulation 15.5" target area
  • 39 games with 179 variations (seven cricket games)
  • NylonTough segments improve durability and playability
  • Micro thin segment dividers dramatically reduce bounce outs
  • Up to eight Players with four player jumbo X/O LED score display. The ARACHNID trademark is a registered...
Arachnid Cricket Maxx 4.0 Electronic Dartboard Set, Black
  • CRICKET MAXX SCORING - Large X/O cricket marks display is mounted on the door for easy to see scoring during...
  • INTEGRATED WOOD DOORS – The integrated wood doors feature a stylish weathered grey finish
  • GAMES AND VARIATIONS – This set includes 37 games, 210 level variations, solo play and heckler feature
  • TARGET AREA – This recreation size target area is 13.5”
  • ACCESSORIES INCLUDED – Includes six soft tip darts, extra tips and AC adapter. The ARACHNID trademark is a...
Arachnid Cricket Maxx 1.0 Electronic Dartboard Cabinet Set,Black
  • Electronic dartboard cabinet with 13.5" target area
  • 34 Games with 183 variations (4 cricket games)
  • Wooden cabinet doors with walnut finish for stylish storage
  • Optional heckler feature mocks bad darts and applauds good scores
  • Up to eight players with two - X/O cricket LCD displays and four score displays. The ARACHNID trademark is a...
Arachnid Titanium 5400 Electronic Dartboard and Cabinet, Black
  • CONTEMPORARY STYLE – This durable electronic dartboard is mounted in a contemporary-style cabinet.
  • GAMES AND VARIATIONS – This board’s 13.5” target area offers 38 different games and 183 variations
  • UP TO EIGHT PLAYERS – Play with up to seven of your friends 9 Total LED screens to keep track of the action
  • ACCESSORIES INCLUDED – This set includes six soft tip darts, extra tips and AC adapter
  • ACTIVE SCORE WINDOW - Active score window shows the current throws made and allows four players to view their...
Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Electronic Dartboard with Micro-Thin Dividers - Available with Optional Wood Dartboard Cabinet
  • Tournament Quality Electronic Dartboard regulation 15.5” target area
  • 8 Players, 33 Games, 303 Options
  • NylonTough segments improve durability and playability
  • Micro Thin segment dividers dramatically reduce bounce outs
  • Computer verbally voice prompt for players to throw
Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard, Built In Cabinet Doors With Integrated Scoreboard, Dart Storage For 6 Darts, Dual Display In Two Colors, Compact Target Face For Fast Play
  • Top Quality Segments - Compact 13.5” electronic dart board target area is durable with precision engineered...
  • Enhanced Scoring Experience - Ultra-thin spider and extended catch ring make scoring easy and the Fat Cat...
  • 28 Games for up to 8 Players - Includes popular games like 01, Cricket, and more; with over 150 scoring...
  • Built-in Cabinet and Storage - Sleek cabinet doors with built in storage for six soft tip darts keep your...
  • Included Accessories - Comes with six starter soft tip darts, mounting hardware, six spare tips, and is...
Arachnid Cricket Pro 450 Electronic Dartboard Features 31 Games with 178 Variations and Includes Two Sets of Soft Tip Darts , Black/Red, 19.00 x 1.00 x 19.00 inches
  • Durable electronic dartboard includes 6 soft-tip darts and power converter
  • Regulation-sized 15.5 inch target area offers 31 games with 178 variations
  • 5 multi-color backlit LCD scoring displays and active multi-color score window
  • Easily keep track of cricket games with 2 dedicated x/O scoring windows
  • Heat up the competition with the optional interactive Heckler feature. The ARACHNID trademark is a registered...
Electronic Dart Board, Soft Tip Dartboard Set 40 Games, 427 Variants Digital Electric Dart Boards with Colorful LED, 6 Darts, 100 Tips, Power Adapter
  • COLORFUL LEDS: The dart board features two vibrant LED displays that not only keep track of scores but also...
  • REDUCE BOUNCING: The dart boards for adults are designed with ultra-thin segment dividers and an upgraded...
  • VERSATILE DART GAME MODES: Our electronic dartboard offers 40 games and 427 options, from the classic 01 to...
  • EASY TO USE: Powered either by 3*AA batteries or an included adapter, comes with a user manual/dart rules and...
  • HOLIDAY ENTERTAINING: With the bright backlit colorful LED, voice promotion, and lower darts bounce-out rate...
Franklin Sports Electronic Dart Board Sets - Soft Tip Electric Dartboard With Digital Scoreboard - (6) Darts Included
  • 65 game variations: With upto 65 game variations, there are so many different ways to play; Get ready to try...
  • Bonus darts: 6 soft tip darts and 6 replacement tips so you don't have to worry about a lost one
  • Fun voice and sound effects: With added voice and sound effects, you'll get a good laugh and encouragement...
  • Easy to mount: Everything you need to mount this electronic dartboard is available right out of the box along...
  • Easy set up: Once you insert aaa batteries your electronic dartboard is ready to go
WIN.MAX Electronic Dart Board Cabinet Set, LED Electric Digital Soft Tip Dart Boards for Adults with Cabinet, up to 16 Players, 38 Games and 211 Variations with 12 Soft Tip Dartboard Set
  • Durable dart section & Effective Throwing - The dart board has a high-quality dart section and a standard...
  • Number of Game/Gamers - 38 popular game types and 211 variations, 301 and other 01 games, Scram, Cricket,...
  • User Friendly Design - The electronic dart board with 13.5 inch target face, easy to read control panel and...
  • Accessories Included - Set comes with a 12PCS premium soft tip darts, 40 extra replacement soft tips for adult...
  • Built-In Cabinet And Storage: The Stylish WINMAX electronic dartboard equipped with a cabinet for stylish...