Fives dart game

Fives: Your Guide to Mastering this Unique Dart Game

Looking to dive into the exhilarating world of dart games? Ever wondered about a less conventional but equally exciting game called “Fives”?

This enthralling sport, popular among both casual players and dart enthusiasts, offers a distinctive blend of skill, strategy, and a hint of math to keep you on your toes.

We’re going to cover the following topics about the dart game “Fives”:

  • Mastering the basic rules of Fives
  • Understanding Fives’ unique point system
  • Unraveling essential strategies for winning in Fives

Plus, we’ll offer advice on choosing the right equipment to enhance your gameplay experience.

Fascinating History and Origin of Fives: More Than Just a Dart Game

Believed to have originated in East London, Fives is more than just a dart game. It has a rich history associated with it.

Fives was reputedly invented by the off-duty guards of the Tower of London, who sought to create a game that was challenging yet entertaining.

The unique ‘divisible by five’ rule was introduced to add a layer of complexity to the game, and it’s this particular feature that has helped Fives endure and thrive over the years.

Mastering the Basics of Fives: An Introduction to the Dart Game

While Fives may be a bit less known in the larger circle of traditional dart games like ‘501’ and ‘Cricket,’ it brings to the table a unique charm that’s both challenging and entertaining.

So, what’s Fives all about?

First and foremost, the name “Fives” comes from the underlying rule of the game – all scores must be divisible by five.

Unlike other dart games, Fives requires a keen sense of calculation and a strategic approach to achieve the desired divisible-by-five outcome.

To play Fives, each player starts their turn by throwing three darts. The total of these three darts should ideally be a number that’s divisible by five. If it is, the total divided by five is the player’s score for that round.

If the total isn’t divisible by five, then sadly, no points are scored in that round.

The game goes on in turns, with each player trying to accumulate as many points as possible.

As in most dart games, accuracy is key, but in Fives, your mental math game needs to be just as strong.

The player with the highest score after a predetermined number of rounds emerges as the winner.

Dive into Fives, and you’ll find it’s an intriguing fusion of sport and mathematics that tests both your dart-throwing prowess and quick calculation skills.

How to Score in Fives: A Detailed Guide to the Dart Game’s Unique Point System

Scoring in Fives is what sets it apart from other dart games.

While the goal is straightforward – get a score divisible by five – it adds a level of complexity that other games lack.

Each throw must be calculated carefully, not just in terms of where the dart lands on the board but also how it adds to your overall score for that round.

The total of your three darts is divided by five to give your score for the round – but remember, only if it’s divisible by five in the first place.

No rounding off is allowed, so landing a total of 22 will yield zero points. Hence, strategic throws are crucial to scoring and winning in Fives.

3 Strategic Tips for Winning at Fives: Elevating Your Dart Game

Winning at Fives is all about combining precision, strategy, and quick mental calculations.

Here are a few tips that could enhance your gameplay:

  1. Aim for Multiples of Five – The ‘5’ and ’20’ sections are your best friends. Hitting these consistently ensures a steady flow of points.
  2. Practice Mental Math – Quick calculations can be the difference between a winning and a losing round. Keep honing your mental math skills.
  3. Know When to Risk – If you’ve scored 10 or 15 with your first two darts, sometimes it may be worth it to aim for a lower but guaranteed five-point spot instead of a risky high-reward area.

Essential Equipment for Playing Fives: Choosing the Right Darts and Dartboard

Playing Fives, like other dart games, doesn’t require an elaborate set of equipment. However, having the right tools and understanding how they influence your game can significantly enhance your performance and experience.

Let’s explore the essentials for getting started with Fives.

Dartboard – At the heart of the game is the dartboard. Traditional dartboards used in Fives are the same as those used for other popular games like ‘501’ or ‘Cricket’. The board is divided into numbered sections from 1 to 20. While any standard dartboard will suffice, opt for one of high quality to ensure durability and accurate gameplay. Also, consider the board’s placement: it should be hung at the correct height (5 ft 8 in from the floor to the bullseye) and in a well-lit area.

Darts – Every player requires a set of three darts. Although darts may appear identical at first glance, they come in different weights, lengths, and materials, all of which can impact your throw. Darts typically weigh between 12 and 50 grams, with most players preferring those within the 20 to 30-gram range. The right weight provides better control and accuracy.

The material also plays a role. Brass darts are common for beginners due to their cost-effectiveness, but they wear out faster. Tungsten darts are more durable and favored by experienced players. They resist wear and allow for a slimmer dart, which can help in grouping your throws more tightly on the board.

The length and design of the dart shaft also matter. Longer darts can provide better stability but may be harder to control, so choose a length that feels comfortable for your throw.

Scoreboard – Given Fives’ unique scoring system, a scoreboard or some note-taking method is crucial. You can use a traditional chalkboard or whiteboard or opt for a digital scoring system. Regardless of the method, keeping track of your scores is vital in Fives.

Comfortable Clothing and Shoes – While not specifically ‘equipment,’ it’s worth noting that what you wear can impact your game. Opt for comfortable clothing that doesn’t restrict your arm movements. Your choice of footwear matters too – go for shoes that provide good support and comfort, as you’ll be standing for extended periods.

The right equipment can play a significant role in your overall Fives gameplay experience.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, investing some time in selecting the proper dartboard, darts, and other equipment can pay dividends in your enjoyment and success in the game.


Embarking on the journey into the game of Fives promises not only an exciting dart experience but also an engaging mental challenge.

As you master its unique scoring system and uncover its rich history, you’ll discover a thrilling blend of strategy, skill, and arithmetic.

So grab your darts, sharpen your mental math, and get ready to explore the captivating world of Fives.

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