How Do You Play the Around-the-Clock Dart Game and What Are the Rules?

How Do You Play the Around-the-Clock Dart Game and What Are the Rules?

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Playing the Around the Clock dart game is easy and fun. The aim of this game is to hit each number on the dartboard, from 1 to 20, in sequence. For instance, after hitting number 1, the player seeks to aim at number 2, continuing till they reach 20. The player who successfully hits all numbers in sequence and finishes first is deemed the winner. However, the rules may sometimes vary. In some versions, you also have to hit the bull’s eye after hitting 20 to officially win the game.

Related Questions

1. What happens if you hit the wrong number?

In the Around the Clock dart game, if you happen to hit a wrong number, your turn simply ends without scoring. The game continues to the next player.

2. Can you play with multiple players?

Yes, the game can be played by multiple players. Each player throws their darts in turn and attempts to go from 1 to 20 before the others.

3. How many darts do you throw per turn?

In the traditional game, every player throws three darts per turn. After this, it’s the next player’s turn.

4. What happens when a player reaches 20?

Once a player reaches 20 and successfully hits it, they have finished the round. Some variations require hitting the bull’s eye to officially win.

5. Can beginners play Around the Clock?

Absolutely. Around the Clock is a great game for beginners since it encourages learning the dartboard layout and improving basic aiming skills.

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