What Are the Essential Rules for Playing the 501 Dart Game?

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The 501 Dart Game is a classic one enjoyed by many. It begins with each player having a score of 501, and the aim is to reduce this score to exactly zero. The last dart thrown must leave the player with a score of zero and finish on either a double or a bullseye. So, if you have a score of 2 left, you need to hit double 1 to win the game. It’s also essential to remember each player takes turns to throw three darts each. Every player needs to try and score as high as possible to decrease their tally quickly.

Related Questions

1. What does it mean if someone hits a treble in the 501 Dart Game?

When someone hits a treble in the 501 Dart Game, they score triple the number hit. For example, if a player hits treble 20, they score 60 points in a single throw.

2. How is scoring done in the 501 Dart Game?

The score recorded is the total of the points scored by your three darts cast during your turn. This total is then subtracted from your existing points. The aim is to reduce your score as soon as possible to zero.

3. What happens if a player reduces their score to 1 or goes below zero in the 501 Dart Game?

If a player reduces their score to 1 or goes below zero, that round’s score is usually annulled, and they reset to the score they had at the beginning of that turn. This is known as ‘busting’. The goal is to end precisely at zero without going under.

4. How does a player keep track of their score when playing the 501 Dart Game?

Most dartboards come with a scoring system on a side panel. Every time a player throws their set of darts, they subtract the total points they scored from their remaining total, with the aim of reaching zero.

5. Can you finish the 501 Dart Game on any number?

No, the game must be finished by hitting a double or the bullseye. For instance, if you have 40 left, you must hit double 20 to win the game, and this rule adds a degree of difficulty at the end of the match.