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Tools for Darts

If you’re in the middle of a game and your dart goes sideways (literally!)… you’ll be thankful you stopped here. Let’s get your tooling right so you can quickly get back to your game.

Common Dart Problems

  1. Replace the dart’s flights if they are worn or broken
  2. Change the dart tips to a different material such as tungsten, steel, or titanium
  3. Polish your darts with sandpaper and/or nail polish remover
  4. Check for scratches on the barrel and replace it if needed
  5. Fix any broken parts on your darts by using glue or tape

Best Tools for Darts

Fat Cat Dart Accessory: Soft Tip Darts Tune Up Tool Kit (Shafts, Flights, 2BA Dart Points and Mechanic Wrench)
  • Package length: 21.336 cm
  • Package width: 9.906 cm
  • Package height: 1.524 cm
  • Product Type: SPORTING GOODS
US Darts Dart Shark - Multi-Purpose Dart Tool, Dart Mechanic + Round Dart Sharpener + 25 O Rings + O Ring Applicator
  • Multi-purpose dart tool. For both steel and soft tip darts
  • Tightens tips and shafts, Split the end of shafts for east flight insertion
  • Round stone - Removes burrs from dart points and extends the life of your dart board.
  • A sharp point penetrates the board reducing the number of bounce-outs.
  • Applicator is a handy tool for applying O-rings to dart shafts. Keep your metal shafts and barrels locked.
US Darts - Dart Shark - Multi-Purpose Dart Tool, Dart Mechanic
  • Multi-purpose dart tool
  • For both steel and soft tip darts
  • Tightens tips and shafts
  • Split the end of shafts for east flight insertion
Fat Cat Dartboard Accessory: Soft Tip Dart Point Remover Tool, Electronic Dartboards
  • When a tip breaks inside a board it can be nearly impossible to remove, rendering that section useless....
  • Unique design removes the broken pieces throughout the board
  • Avoid creating dead zones on your board, and prevent bounce outs
  • Sleek black color matches dart cases and wallets
  • Easy to use
CyeeLife-Blue Dart Tool Electronic Dartboard Broken Dart Tips Remover(5Colors)
  • This is a soft tip darts accessories,You can press the broken tips into the board, Not to take it out.You can...
  • 5 Colors selectable
  • Just one EMAIL,we will provide technical support.
  • Search "Cyeelife",you will find all of our dart products,We have many steel tip darts, tungsten darts,soft tip...
Viper Broken Shaft and Dart Point Remover Tool for Steel & Soft Tip Darts
  • Unique design effectively grips broken threads and removes them from the dart barrel
  • 2-piece tool works in unison to extract the damaged shaft or point
  • Extends the life of your dart barrels by removing broken shafts and points, allowing them to be replaced
  • Sleek black color is a match with most dart cases and wallets; attached chain ensures you are never without...
  • Simple design is easy to use time and again; truly invaluable for causal and competitive dart players alike
Viper by GLD Products 40-0704 Magnedart Holster, Magnetic Dartboard Mounted Dart Holder, Holds 2 Sets of Steel Tip Darts, Black
  • Keep your darts close at hand and always near your board with the unmatched ease
  • Polished Foam imbues the Magnedart Holsters with resilient durability that stands up to heavy use
  • No tools required for a quick setup, just attached the holsters to the board with magnetic power
  • With enough space for three darts in each holster, you can keep two complete sets ready for play
  • Complete the look of your board by extending its profile and imparting a new, unique shape

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