Wayne Warren

Wayne “Yank” Warren: The Ageless Darts Champion

With sweeping throws of smooth precision, Welsh darts player Wayne Warren defies the odds each time he steps up to compete.

Who Is Wayne Warren?

Born in June 1962, Warren has been creating a ripple in the world of darts for decades.

He’s an active participant in the World Darts Federation (WDF) and served as the last-ever BDO World Darts Champion.

Furthermore, at age 57, Warren etched his name in darts history by becoming the oldest world champion.

Hailing from Tynewydd, Wales, Warren began playing competitive darts in 1985.

A natural righty, his choice of weapon is an impressive 17.5g Red Dragon Signature dart.

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Fueled by the racing strings of Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger, which also serves as his walk-on music, Warren maintains a consistent performance in various championship events.

His journey started with the British Darts Organization (BDO) in 2003, but it was the 2005 BDO World Darts Championship that marked his significant debut.

Despite facing an early exit in the first round against Mervyn King, Warren’s persistence helped him slip back into the spotlight multiple times throughout his professional career.

Encountering a few near-misses at the qualifications only instilled courage further into him, which was soon evident when he reached the quarterfinals in the 2015 BDO World Trophy.

Behind this Welshman’s calm appearance lies an unquenchable will to succeed.

In 2014, Warren demonstrated his consistent doting performance as he bagged the BDO Gold Cup Championship, defeating Pip Blackwell three sets to nil.

This was accompanied by a list of other recognized tournaments, including the Antwerp Open, BDO International Open, and WDF Europe Cup Team, that he won over the years.

However, the crowning moment of his darts career occurred in the 2020 World Championship, where Warren scaled new heights of his performance by surging into the Final.

Defeating his fellow countryman Jim Williams 7-4 earned him not only the BDO world title but also made him a part of darting history as its oldest champion.

However, Warren’s talent isn’t bound by darts alone.

He’s also known for his skillful roofing abilities and remains an active player in the darts exhibition circuit, with Red Dragon Darts sponsoring him.

Unfortunately, Wayne Warren faced several trials beyond the world of darts.

In 2001, a traumatic incident involving boiling chip fat resulted in severe upper body burns and scarring.

But this clearly didn’t stop his success. Though marred by scars, his will to win remained intact as he delivered one awe-inspiring performance after another.

Wayne “Yank” Warren melds experience and skill together to perfect his craft.

5 Key Takeaways

  1. Wayne Warren, the Welsh professional darts player, despite being the oldest world darts champion at age 57, continues his stellar performances in world darts championships.
  2. He has had a diverse career in the world of darts, starting from 1985, under the British Darts Organization (BDO) since 2003 and participating in the World Darts Federation (WDF) tournaments.
  3. Warren is known for his robust and persistent game style, having participated in multiple championships only to overcome early losses and emerge later as a formidable opponent. His significant victory came as he won the 2020 World Championship.
  4. Beyond darts, Warren maintains an active role on the exhibition circuit and pursues the roofing profession. Despite personal setbacks such as the severe burn incident in 2001, Warren’s resilience has seen him bounce back both personally and professionally.
  5. His sponsors include Red Dragon Darts, and he uses his preferred 17.5g Red Dragon Signature dart in games, underlining his consistent approach and professionalism within the sport.

Wayne Warren Walk-On | WDF World Darts Championship (Video)