What Is a Bullseye Worth in Darts?

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In the traditional game of darts, the center of the dartboard is known as the bullseye. It is worth 50 points and is divided into two sections – the outer bull also termed as the ‘outer bullseye’, which is worth 25 points, and the inner bull, also known as the ‘inner bullseye’ or simply ‘the bull’, worth 50 points. The bullseye is crucial in the games of Darts as hitting it can make a significant impact on the score.

Related Questions

1. How big is the bullseye on a dartboard?

The diameter of the inner bullseye is 0.5 inches or 12.7mm, and the outer bull is 1.25 inches or 31.8mm.

2. What other scoring zones exist on a dartboard?

Besides the bullseye, a dartboard has 20 other sectors numbered from 1 to 20. Each sector has a double ring on the outer edge of the board worth double of the sector number and a triple ring located in the middle of the sector, worth triple the sector number.

3. What is the highest score possible in a single turn in darts?

The highest score a player can achieve in a single turn (with three darts) is 180. This can be achieved by hitting the triple 20 zone, which is worth 60 points, three times in a row.

4. What material are dartboards made from?

Most high-quality, competition-level dartboards are made from sisal, a type of natural fiber. Some cheaper options might be made from cork or coiled paper.

5. How is the overall winner of a game of darts determined?

In the most commonly played version of darts, called 501, each player starts with a score of 501 and takes turns to throw three darts. The aim is to reduce their score to zero as quickly as possible. The game must be finished with a throw that lands in either the double or bullseye zone.