What’s Bullseye Worth in Darts?

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In darts, the Bullseye is worth 50 points. This is the central part of the dartboard, also known as the “inner bullseye”. The outer ring of the bull, also referred to as the “outer bull”, is worth 25 points.

Related Questions

1. Is there a different scoring method for professional darts?

No, the scoring methods for amateur and professional darts are the same. The Bullseye is always worth 50 points and the outer bull is always worth 25 points.

2. Why is accuracy important in darts?

Accuracy is crucial in darts as the scoring is determined by the location of the darts on the board, with higher points awarded for hitting closer to the bullseye.

3. What is the highest possible score in one throw in darts?

The highest possible score in one throw is 60 points, achieved by hitting the triple 20 – the narrow section in the 20 score area.

4. How is a game of darts won?

A standard game of darts (501) is won by being the first player to reduce the score from 501 to exactly zero. The final dart must land in either the bullseye or a double segment.

5. Is there specific equipment needed to play darts?

Yes, you will need a dartboard, a set of darts, and a scoreboard to play the game. It’s also recommended to have a dedicated area or room with ample lighting where the dartboard can be hung at the proper height and distance.