What Is a Low Ton in Darts?

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A low ton in darts refers to scoring exactly 100 points in a single round or visit to the dartboard. In a darts game, each player takes turns to throw three darts, and the outcome of these three throws combined is your score for that round. If it all adds up to 100, that’s what’s known as a low ton.

Related Questions

1. What is a high ton in darts?

A high ton in darts refers to a single round score of between 151 and 180 points. Scoring a high ton usually involves hitting triple 20s with all three darts.

2. What is a ton plus in darts?

A ton plus in darts simply refers to a score of more than 100 points in a single round.

3. How is the term ‘ton’ used in other sports?

In other sports like cricket, a ‘ton’ refers to an individual score of 100 runs or more. In bowling, it could refer to a score of 100 or more.

4. What does the phrase ‘checkout’ mean in darts?

In darts, a ‘checkout’ refers to the ending score of the game, where a player needs to hit a double value to win.

5. How is a perfect game of darts achieved?

A perfect game of darts, known as a nine-dart finish, is accomplished when a player scores exactly 501 points in seven rounds, using only nine throws. The trick to achieving a nine-dart finish usually involves scoring multiple high tons in quick succession.