What Is a High Ton in Darts?

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A High Ton refers to a score of 180 in a single round of darts. This is the highest possible score achievable with three darts, as each dart is scored at the maximum value of 60 (triple 20). The phrase “High Ton” is commonly used in professional darts to refer to this perfect score.

Related Questions

1. What is a ‘Checkout’ in darts?

A ‘Checkout’ in darts refers to the final score a player needs to win the game. This score usually requires the player to hit a double or a bullseye with their final dart.

2. How are scores calculated in darts?

Scores in darts are calculated based on where a dart lands on the dartboard. The outer ring scores double the points of the number hit, the inner ring scores triple, and hit on the bullseye scores either 25 or 50 points.

3. How is a game of darts typically started?

The game typically starts with a ‘throw-off’ where each player throws a single dart to determine who plays first, with the closest to the bullseye going first.

4. What is a ‘Bust’ in darts?

A ‘Bust’ in darts refers to when a player scores more than the remaining required points to reach zero in a round. If a player ‘busts’, their score for that round does not count and they start the next round with the same score as before.

5. What is a perfect game in darts?

A perfect game in darts, also known as a ‘Nine-Darter’, involves a player winning a leg in only nine throws, which is the fewest possible in a game of 501.