What Is the Most Popular Dart Game?

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The most popular dart game is called “501.” It is widely played in both professional competitive settings and informal environments like pubs. In ‘501’, each player begins with a score of 501, and they need to reduce their score to zero. The catch is the player must reach exactly zero by hitting a double, which is a throw that lands in the outer narrow ring of the dartboard.

Related Questions

1. How are points calculated in ‘501’?

In ‘501’, every dart that lands on the board deducts points from your initial score of 501. The objective is to reach zero. For example, if you throw a dart that lands on 20, your score drops to 481.

2. What happens if a player reduces the score below zero in the game “501?

If a player reduces their score to less than zero, their turn ends without any change in score, and they start their next turn with the score they had before throwing the dart.

3. Besides ‘501’, what are some other popular dart games?

Some other popular dart games include ‘Cricket,’ ‘Around the World,’ ‘Killer,’ and ‘Halve It.’

4. Are there any tips for beginners learning to play ‘501’?

For beginners, one crucial tip to improve in the game is to aim for the ‘triple 20’ on the top center of the dartboard. This is because it deducts 60 points from the player’s score, the highest possible score with a single dart.

5. Is ‘501’ played professionally?

Yes, ‘501’ is considered a standard game in professional darts competitions. It’s often the game of choice in renowned competitions like the World Darts Championship.