What Weight of Darts Do Professionals Use?

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Professional dart players typically use darts that weigh between 16 and 26 grams. While the weight of the darts used can vary greatly depending on personal preference, the most commonly used darts in professional settings tend to be around 22 grams.

Related Questions

1. Are heavier darts easier to throw?

Heavier darts can be easier for beginners to throw as they need less force and provide a more stable flight path. However, they may require a stronger throw, which can lead to strain or injury over time.

2. What material are professional dartboards made of?

Professional dartboards are usually made of sisal fiber – a type of agave that produces a tough and resilient material. It has self-healing capabilities and provides a balanced surface for the dart’s penetration.

3. Can I use professional darts as a novice player?

Yes, you can. However, it’s recommended to start with lighter darts and gradually increase their weight as you gain skill and comfort with the game.

4. What’s the official distance to stand when throwing darts?

The official distance, according to the Professional Darts Corporation, is 7 ft 9 1/4 in (2.37m) from the front of the dartboard.

5. Are there regulations for the size of professional dart flights?

Most professional organizations do not specify a particular size for dart flights. However, larger flights can provide more stability, while smaller flights can enable faster throws.