What Weight Darts Do Pros Use?

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The choice of weight for darts among professionals can vary significantly, but it commonly ranges from 18 to 24 grams. The weight largely depends on personal preference and throwing style. Some players feel more comfortable with lighter darts allowing for more accuracy, while others prefer heavier darts which can provide a more stable flight path.

Related Questions

1. How does the weight of a dart affect its flight?

The weight of a dart can significantly influence its behavior during flight. Lighter darts tend to move more in the air and require a more precise throw, while heavier ones maintain a more steady and straight pathway but require a stronger throw.

2. What is the maximum weight for competition darts?

According to the regulations of the Profesional Darts Corporation (PDC), the maximum allowed weight for any dart is 50 grams.

3. Is there an ideal dart weight for beginners?

There isn’t a universally acknowledged ideal dart weight for beginners. However, a weight of around 20 to 23 grams is often recommended for starters. This range provides a balanced weight for learning the basics of throwing and controlling the dart.

4. Does the material of the dart affect its weight?

Yes, the material of the dart can have a significant impact on its weight. Darts are made from a variety of materials, including brass, nickel-silver, and tungsten. Tungsten darts are typically heavier and more durable.

5. Can I change the weight of my darts?

While you can’t really adjust the weight of a dart once it’s made, you can try different types and weights of darts to decide which suits your throwing technique and style the best. Some players use different weights for practice and competitive matches.