What Does Green Mean in Darts?

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In darts, the green portion is often associated with the outer bull, also known as the ’25’ scoring area. The outer bull is the green ring located at the center of the dartboard, surrounding the inner bull or ‘double bull’. Hitting the green area scores a player 25 points in a game of darts.

Related Questions

1. What is the red circle in the center of the dartboard called?

The red circle located at the center of a dartboard is known as the ‘bullseye’ or ‘double bull’. Scoring a dart in this area amounts to 50 points.

2. How much does one score if they hit the black segment?

The black segment in a dartboard is divided into odd segments totaling to 20. The score depends on the hit segment ranging between 1-20 points.

3. What are the primary sections of a dartboard?

The primary sections of a dartboard include the single area, double ring, triple ring, outer bull (green section), and the bullseye (red section).

4. What is a ‘dartboard treble’?

A ‘dartboard treble’ refers to the inner thin ring of a dartboard. If a dart lands in this area, the player scores triple the points of that segment’s number.

5. How many sections does a standard dartboard have?

A standard dartboard is divided into 20 numbered sections. Each section has single, double, and triple scoring areas.