What Kind of Darts Should You Buy?

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When you choose to buy darts, considering your skill level, comfort, and style of play is crucial. Several types of darts are available in the market depending on the material, weight, shape, and tip.

1. Beginners generally go for brass or nickel-silver darts, cheap and an excellent way to figure out your preference.
2. Tungsten darts, expensive but durable, are suitable for experienced players.
3. The weight of a dart usually ranges from 12 to 50 grams. Most players prefer the middle range (20-30 grams). Lighter darts are good for beginners as they help develop aim and technique.
4. Darts come in different shapes: Straight, torpedo, and bomb. The choice depends on your throwing style.
5. The tip of the dart could be soft (plastic) or steel. Soft tips are used with electronic dart boards, while steel tips are suited for traditional sisal or bristle boards.

The ultimate choice comes down to personal comfort and the type of dart board you will play on. It is advisable to try out different combinations and stick to what feels most comfortable.

Related Questions

1. How often should I change darts?

Change your darts when they start to show signs of wear or you feel their performance declining. It also depends on how often you play.

2. Can I bring my darts on a plane?

Yes, but always check with the specific airline policies. In general, darts should be packed in checked luggage as they may be seen as a potential weapon in your carry-on.

3. Why do professionals use tungsten darts?

The higher density of tungsten allows darts to be slimmer for the same weight. Slimmer darts mean tighter grouping and higher scoring.

4. How can I improve my dart-throwing technique?

Practice regularly, keep your body and elbow still, follow through with your throw, and always aim before you throw.

5. Can different dart flights affect my game?

Yes, different flight shapes can change the dart’s flight path. Larger flights provide more stability, while smaller flights reduce drag.