What Weight Darts Should You Use?

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Choosing the right dart weight is a personal preference and depends on your throwing style. The majority of professional players use darts weighing between 18g and 26g. For beginners, it’s recommended to start with a dart around 20g or 21g. As you practice more, you will understand what works best for you, if you need to go lighter or heavier, how the weight distribution affects your throw, or how the dart feels in your hand.

Related Questions

1. Is there any standard dart weight for professional games?

The Professional Darts Corporation (PDC), the dominant world darts body, sets a maximum permitted dart weight of 50g, there’s no minimum weight, though it’s rare for professionals to use darts heavier than 26g.

2. How does dart weight affect the throw?

Dart weight can affect the stability of the dart in flight. Heavier darts may be more stable and less likely to stray off course, but require more force to throw accurately. Lighter darts can be thrown with less force, but may be less stable in flight.

3. How important is the weight distribution in a dart?

Weight distribution can influence how the dart feels in your hand and flies. Darts can be front-loaded, rear-loaded, or evenly balanced. Front-loaded darts might suit players with a softer throw, while rear-loaded darts might be preferred by those with a harder throw.

4. What material are darts made of?

Darts can be made of brass, nickel silver or tungsten. Brass is the cheapest and lightest, but wears quickly. Nickel silver is more durable, but still not very heavy. Tungsten darts are the most expensive, but they’re also the heaviest and most durable.

5. Should I use different weight darts for soft tip and steel tip?

Normally, dart players use the same weight regardless of the type of tip. However, soft tip dart boards usually have a weight restriction of 18g to 20g to prevent the electronic boards from getting damaged.